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Joining a dance class requires commitment and dedication, therefore it is important for students to attend each class. This becomes particularly important when we begin working on routines for our performances. Each routine must be a team effort and a student with frequent absences is not fair to the rest of the team. Furthermore, frequent absences require the instructor to re-teach what the student missed and can quickly place a class behind schedule. We understand that certain absences cannot be avoided, therefore please call the studio if you encounter this situation.

Class Placement

At CKC Dance Academy we always strive to ensure that students are correctly placed in a class based on age and ability. We want each student to feel challenged however it is important to understand that teaching dance is what we do. We feel confident in our student placements and will approach you if we feel necessary. As the dance year progresses, if you have concerns about class placement, please come and speak with us. We are more than happy to discuss your child’s progress and whether they require relocation to another class.


Tuition is collected on a monthly basis and is due the first week of each month. If no one is available in the office, please use the tuition drop box. Any payment received after the 15th of the month will incur a $5 late fee, no exceptions. Payments not received by the close of any given month will incur additional fees or may result in suspension from classes until the account is paid or other payment arrangements are made with CKC.

Postdated checks are not accepted. There is a $25 fee for returned checks. No credit is given for unattended classes and make-up classes are only available if classes are cancelled due to inclement weather.

Snow Cancellation

A notice will be posted on the website and studio Facebook page. Check often for it may not be posted early in the day. Classes are not automatically cancelled if regular school is cancelled.

Hours of Operation

The studio is open Monday through Thursday and Saturday. The studio will be unlocked 15 minutes prior to the first class of the day.

The studio is CLOSED on the following days:
Thanksgiving, Christmas Week, New Year's Day, February school vacation, April school vacation, Memorial Day

On all other holidays, the studio will remain open. Please remember that studio closings are different than regular school closings.

Dress Code

Creative Movement/Pre-Dance:

Required: solid light pink leotard and pink tights (no design/no skirt)
Shoes: pink ballet shoes


Required: solid light pink leotard and pink tights  (no design/no skirt)
Shoes: pink ballet shoes

All Ballet levels, Lyrical, Pointe, Modern:
Required: solid black leotard and pink tights
Optional: black skirt or black dance shorts
Shoes: pink ballet shoes

Required: solid black leotard and pink tights
Optional: black dance shorts
Shoes: tan tap shoes and tan jazz shoes (older classes)
pink ballet shoes (younger classes)

Hip Hop & Musical Theater:
Black shorts or black capris may be worn with a black leotard or fitted black tank.
Shoes: black hip hop sneakers or tan jazz shoes for theater

Solid Black shorts or black athletic pants may be worn with a solid color fitted tank or t-shirt.
Shoes: black hip hop sneakers or black ballet shoes for Creative Movement  or Pre-Dance

All hair must be neatly pulled up off shoulders in a bun, ponytail, or braids.