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Traditional Dance Program

At CKC Dance Academy, there is a dance style for every taste. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced dancer, we have the right class for you. Please review the specific requirements for each of our programs, and contact the director if you have any questions.


BALLET (ages 5 and up)

Ballet is the foundation of any dance form. This class builds the ultimate foundation for all other forms of dance. Ballet requires the most discipline and dedication, but it is also the most rewarding.

The pre-ballet class introduces children to ballet basics and terminology. It is more structured than the pre-dance class and includes simple barre work, floor activities and center work with basic ballet steps and body directions to help develop strength and flexibility.

The ballet class incorporates comprehensive barre work, center floor and combinations across the floor that will help shape the students’ body and mind. With a solid ballet foundation, students can transfer their skills into jazz, lyrical, or any other dance form they might decide to pursue. Accomplishing that solid ballet foundation is crucial to becoming an outstanding dancer in any dance form.


POINTE (upon instructor approval)

The pointe class is the most demanding class both physically and mentally. Students must have a solid ballet background and a desire to achieve the grace and beauty of pointe work. Placement in the pointe class is dependent upon the students’ strength and execution, however students must have completed at least 3 years of ballet training.




LYRICAL (upon instructor approval)

Lyrical dance is the fusion of ballet and jazz technique. Expression from the inner emotion is a primary factor in choreographing and interpreting this art form. A key element in looking at a lyrical piece is seeing the movements done in a flowing or continuous pattern. Lyrical dance interprets music or words, showing the emotion of a particular piece. The lines are traditional in nature with a technique base that determines the correct placement of the body angles.


MODERN (upon instructor approval)

Modern dance style centers on the dancer’s interpretation instead of structured steps.  Movements derive from inner expression of feelings. The dancer uses their body weight to enhance movements resulting in jumps, leaps, running and falls to the floor.


JAZZ (ages 5 and up)

Jazz is a more traditional form of upbeat dancing using a strong balance of fast paced movements with a ballet foundation. The art of jazz is truly enhanced with an understanding and discipline in ballet.



TAP (ages 5 and up)

The tap class is the most rhythmic of the dance forms, is an excellent way to increase coordination of the mind and body and to develop a sense of rhythm, timing and expression. Various musical styles, including classic and contemporary, are introduced to broaden musical vocabulary and teach different time signatures and rhythms.